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The Office @ is the place to come for all the information you could possibly want about Adrian's work and music.


On this page you can find the answers to all frequently asked questions, you can add a subscriber to his newsletter list, find media packs and much more beside.


If you can't find what you want then you can simply fill out the contact form here and our staff will be delighted to get back to you as soon as they possibly can.

Frequently Asked Questions :

#1 How do I book Adrian Nation?


It's a very easy process, first we find out the date of the gig and your location. If Adrian is available The Office will contact you and then a contract will be drawn up that suits us both including a hospitality package. So a simple email to us at is all that's needed to start the process.

De Bunker, Gemert. NL

The Sage Hall 2, Gateshead. UK

#2 What do we need to provide for sound at an Adrian Nation concert?

First of all you will need to provide a qualified Sound Engineer and an adequate sound system for the venue. The Sound Engineer is responsible for the set up and operation of the equipment during Soundcheck and Performance.

A complete schematic for stage set up and equipment will be provided well in advance of your show upon agreement of contract.

We can supply our own Sound Engineer if required at an extra charge.

#3 Do we need promotional materials?

We would be more than happy to provide you with Hi-Res
photos for download and also Bio material and CD`s for
promotion of your gig.

Adrian is also available for Media interviews as long as an
adequate time is arranged.

Firstsite Gallery, Colchester. UK

The London Acoustic Guitar Show. London. UK

#4 How do I buy Adrian's music?

You can purchase your Adrian Nation CD`s and Downloads from the MUSIC page or from ITunes.

The Office Staff will guide you through this process and get you an Autographed Copy if you would like that or maybe even a personal message from Adrian for someone special.

#5 How do I join Adrian's mailing list?

Simply fill out the form on our Newsletter page or send us an email to  and we would be delighted to add you to our mailing list. After that you will receive a confirmation email and Adrian`s Newsletter with up to date info of when Adrian will be playing at a venue near you and much more.

   Newmarket Memorial Hall, Newmarket. UK
   Opening for Wishbone Ash

  The Sage Hall 2, Gateshead. UK

#6 How do I ask Adrian a question?

Again just send us an e-mail here at or fill out the contact form at the top of this page and we will pass it along and Adrian will get back to you.

Musical questions, guitars and gear questions, favourite foods and places?

We have all the answers at The Office!

Media packs

Feel free to download and use the images here for your publicity. If you need anything specific then please don't hesitate to ask...

One Sheetsponsor sheet

GUITAR STAR - Acoustic Performance - Bush Hall 28/05/2015Sepia Portrait Hi ResB/W Hi Res


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